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The expertise of In Vivo BVA through our network of subsidiaries and partners in the field.
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Shopper & consumer knowledge

Understanding the Shopper & the Consumer

In Vivo BVA was founded in 1989, based on the deep-seated belief that, to be successful in the [...]

Merchandising & POS

Merchandising & POS

We believe so strongly in the importance of stores that we have included in-store research in all [...]

Training & consulting

Training & Consulting

In addition to research studies, In Vivo BVA also offers its clients training and consulting [...]
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In recent weeks, false BVA job offers have been sent via email to job seekers, especially in the US.
These emails almost always come from a email address ending with
These are false job offers.
Please be very careful with any email claiming to come from bva, and not ending with or
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